Kitchen Upgrades for Summer 2019

Well, as we like to do between each summer season, we have been upgrading around the house, and this year the kitchen has benefited the most! A brand new fridge – I like to call it ‘queen size’ – 70cm wide as opposed to the regular 60cm, but not as wide as the American 80cm or more fridges. We love it!

Also, the shower tap was bugging me, as you had to find the exact spot with the handle to turn it off. So we’ve replaced that too! The kettle bit the dust this winter, so that’s been replaced with a funky ‘steamer style’ (ha ha! Get it?!) retro kettle in a gorgeous cream.

Lastly – at least for now! – the built-in Neff microwave/combi-oven also finished its life, so that has been replaced with a new Neff, almost the same as before – but BETTER as it has a steamer function!

Retro style kettle
New retro-style funky kettle with pressure dial
Brand new NEFF combi oven/microwave, with steamer function
Fridge-freezer, 70cm, queen size
Brand new fridge-freezer
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