Exterior Winter Maintenance at La Vieille Tuilerie

Which winter maintenance jobs are on our list this year?

Exterior Winter Maintenance

Well, one of our first winter maintenance jobs was quite a big one! We have emptied the pool and had a pool tiling specialist come and re-tile all the areas of loose tiles in the pool. In conjunction with his work, we ourselves have completely removed all the tiles on the steps and re-tiled. We are very proud of our work!

Winter maintenance - Pool steps re-tiled             Winter maintenance - Re-tiled pool steps

Another ongoing job is the addition of a white wood tongue and groove ceiling to our front porch. We have almost finished once side – the boards are up, just the edging to go. Once the other side is done, we will be updating the four columns which support this. They are currently finished in an old-fashioned fake stone brick. Once complete, they will be a beautifully smooth, modern stucco. We’ll also be replacing the transparent sheets on the roof of the porch, which allow more light into the house, with brand new ones. Here is what we’ve done so far!

Porch ceiling being boarded
Ceiling boards being fitted
Porch ceiling being boarded
Another angle for the fitting of the ceiling boards
Porch ceiling at night
New porch ceiling at night – magical!

More photos to follow as we go!

Other exterior jobs are the seemingly endless task of clearing up leaves! We always have some great bonfires come spring! 🙂

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